The Brief: Helsport had an online outlet, where they wanted to sell all of their remaining outdoor clothing, since they were going to shift their focus to tents, and backpacks, etc. One of the problems they had was to to get woman to use their outlet, and there was the problem we where asked to solve with them.

A goal we sat was to established a closer bond to girls that love being outdoor, and be "top of mind" as a brand.

The Concept: #turjenter
We wanted to create a movement and a community around what the target group was interested in. And of course we focused on hiking and being outdoors. The simple idea of reaching out to the community was done by taking ownership of the hashtag, #turjenter. Where Helsport was going to create competitions, and interact with their target group through turjenter.no on Instagram.

A plan was also set in motion, to create ambassadors, and in the long run create a blog, where the ambassadors but also Helsport could create content. (http://www.turjenter.no)

My role: I was a part of the creative team (consultants) that created the concept with Helsport and they implemented it.

Results: As we speak their Instagram channel has 41k followers and the #turjenterno has over 20k posts and the hashtag turjenter has over 140k posts. It was under 500 posts with this hashtag when we started.